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Mk Akan

From Mk Akan.

Dear friend,

Immediately I saw the name of person who posted a reply to my question, my jaw almost dropped to the floor with SHOCK. Not only did he reply, but he took his time to break down exactly what I needed to do.

This guy was a well-respected SUPER star copywriter and marketer. People paid him $2500 just to pick his brain for an hour.

But here he was helping me for FREE. I could not believe my eyes.

And He Wasn’t Helping Just Me. He Was Helping Many Others.

And MANY other super copywriters and marketers at different levels of success were also helping me and many other people out.

From that 1 location, in just 6 months I learnt more about writing copy than I ever did in my last 2 years.

Who was this guy? Where’s this secret group located?

Before I reveal all that, let me say this.

You see if you are like me, you probably have challenges in your business.

You likely have important questions you want answered. And sometimes you may not know who can give you the right answers.

But there’s a SIMPLE solution. A shocking one too.

You may find this hard to believe but there are …

…Secret Places Online Where Other Successful Online Business Owners Teach, Help, Reveal Their Secrets And Answer Any Question You Have for FREE.

Yes for FREE.

How is this possible? Where are these secret locations online?

I’ll tell you where.

… I am Talking About Secret And Closed Facebook Groups


Facebook groups.

Look, I know Facebook groups are mostly filled with evil spammers who spend all day auto-posting spam but there are few secret Facebook groups that are more valuable than any paid training and coaching.

In these premium groups you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with 5, 6 and 7 figure online business owners who are ready to help you for free.

It’s just like being a member of a business club with members like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Dangote, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and other successful business owners all over the world.

And you can walk up to any of them and ASK QUESTIONS. And they help YOU.

Do You Remember The Story I Told You Earlier?

It happened in a Facebook group.

I posted a question and before I knew it, answers were flooding in from gurus and other successful business owners who would have charged me $200 -$1000 for consultation.

But there’s more.

The file section of that Facebook group is like a mini-library. It is filled with some of the most valuable products, strategies, ideas one can take a decade to compile.

These resources could easily be valued at over $10 000.

No kidding.

NOW See How You’ll Be Helped and Coached by Other Successful Online Business Owners














The gurus in this secret group (real successful guys, mot fakers) donated and shared some of their secrets in video, PDF and audio.

These gurus (who charge an arm and a leg) for their services were willingly dishing out “FREE advise” to people.

They critiqued ideas and even answered questions for FREE.

Just Imagine This

You live in maybe (Canada) and while working on something in your business you encounter a challenge. Or maybe you have a question. Perhaps you had Googled it but found no satisfactory answer.

So you head to one of these secret Facebook groups (that I’ll soon reveal to you) and post the question or ask for help.

After 20 minutes, you get 2, 5 , 10 or even 20 comments with answers from different successful internet business owners living in different places in the world.

So not only do you get the answer and solve your problem, you also get new perspective and new ideas for solving the problem next time.

You Get All These Without Paying A SINGLE Dime To Anyone.

Imagine what that kind of interaction can do for your business.

But there’s GOOD news.

 There are a number of hidden super valuable Facebook groups like this one, filled with great people ready to help you for free.

Over the years I have joined many of these groups and have now compiled 20 of these valuable groups into a small PDF guide for you called…

Gurus help

20 Free And Most Valuable Facebook Groups For Online Business Owners

You’ll have access to gurus and people at different levels of success. And to the best resources, latest news and the best up to date answers to your most nagging questions.

You’ll get help and answers in the following topics

1.   Traffic generation

2.   Blogging

3.   Product creation

4.   Email writing

5.   Wordpress

6.   Copywriting

7.   Offers/funnel

8.   Ways to make money online

9.   How to sell

10.                How to buy traffic

11.                Affiliate marketing

12.                List building

13.                Outsourcing

14.                Fiverr

15.                E-commerce

And many other topics you can think of.

So No Matter Your Question Or The Help You Need, These Groups Have People Willing To Help YOU.

There are 2 things you’ll get from my compilation.

1.   The names and direct links to these secret and special Facebook groups

2.   Links to some of the most valuable resources, discussions and strategies shared over the months, years by real gurus and people in these groups.

This takes you up to speed and ensures you discover and maximize your membership of these groups.

And for just $4 you will get access to all these special groups and all the valuable resources revealed in the ebook.

 You know, there are thousands of Facebook groups. Many of them are worse than a rubbish dump. Only a few are GOLD.

Only a few are valuable.

So if you decide to go search out these groups by yourself, get ready to get DIRTY wadding through a lot of rubbish .

Going that route means you will waste time and get frustrated.

The quickest way is to downloads this ebook and INSTANTLY uncover these 20 valuable groups

And for just under $4 it’s a no brainer.

But even with that, you can ask for a refund if you are not happy with the ebook.

You are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Finally, stop struggling on your own. Stop wasting time with Google search when you can get answers directly from fellow successful online business owners.

Click The Yellow Button Below And

Download This List Of 20 Facebook Groups


Mk Akan

Mk Akan

PS- Imagine a place where you ask online business questions and get answers. Not just 1 place but over 20 places online.

And not just answers but REAL correct answers from REAL successful gurus.

And you can ask any question on any kind of topic. These guys are in a hurry to HELP you.

So instead of struggling to find half-baked answers on Google, why not get  "seasoned, time tested" answers from REAL gurus (and other experienced online business owners in the field), who are willing to HELP you free of charge.

PPS- It is better to have a PART CORRECT answer that a wrong comprehensive answer. 2 sentences from a pro that answers your question is 100 times better than 100 pages of a wrong answer.



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