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Dear friend,

You’re about to own 25 powerful “profit making" emails you can use today to instantly double sales and profit when promoting your offers and affiliate offers.

I have personally used these same emails to promote my own offers and affiliate offers.And want you to have them for yourself. (I'll explain why in  a moment).

All you do is open one of the emails, edit a few lines, add your links and name, and press send. Then sit back, relax and watch as sales notifications flood your email box.



You see, these emails are not PLR emails or emails just filled with content. These are my personal emails written with my own hands.Emails that have personally brought me sales.

These Emails (you’ll now own) Are Written Strategically to PERSUADE Readers To BUY Your Offers.

But at the same time, are still very VALUBLE to readers.                                    

These emails don't just scream…buy, BUY, BUYYYYYYY.

Your subscribers will get a lot of value out of them and will look forward to them.

In fact , see what some subscribers say when they get some of these emails from me.    

test 2

test 3

test 4









NOTE; I sell in 70%-95% of my emails, yet people thank me for them. And even beg to stay subscribed.

When you send any of  these 25 emails, your subscriber will feel and react the same way.

So Who Am I Am How Do I Write These Emails?

My name is Mk Akan.

mk akan

For the past 3- 4 years, I have helped individuals and people make more money in their business via products, services and coaching.

During this period, the most powerful skill I developed is COPYWRITING. I use it to sell my offers and affiliate offers.

I use it to craft my sales pages and emails.

It’s one of the best skills anyone can develop.

It cost me time, energy and money to develop my copywriting skill. But it’s well worth it. I still read and study copywriting every day. And will always do.

These 25 Emails Are Written Using My Copywriting Skills and Experience.

 In 2013, I wrote a sales letter for a freelance blogger in the UK selling a freelance writing program. It converted at 4.51%.

ewer proof


This was 3 years ago. Now my copy skills are even way better.

So your 25 emails are packed with copywriting POWER.

So What Exactly Is In Each Email?


These 25 profit making emails are 100- 1200 words long. A suggested subject line is added to the top of each email. They are all saved in notepad which can easily be opened in Mac or windows computer or laptop.

These emails are arranged in 10 different categories as shown below.

The number of emails in each category is also shown. 

25 emails proof

So if you want to promote an information marketing offer (for example), all do is pull an email in that category. Edit , add some links and press send. All this can be done in less than 7 minutes.

So What More Can You Do With These Emails?

  You can do many things with them.

First. You can use them to promote unlimited number of offers. All you do is edit, add a few words and plug in your links.

You can promote your own offers or any affiliate offer.

You can combine 2 or 3 emails to create a new, more powerful one. You can set up these emails on your auto responder follow up funnel...and let them automatically generate sales and profit.

This can be 1 email every week on your auto responder emails.

You can transform any of them into a template and craft brand new emails from it.

You can use them for years to promote new offers, over and over again.

This saves your time, money, energy….and…will PULL in sales any time you send them.

So Mk, How Much Is This Package?

First lets talk about the true value of these emails. Do you know people pay up to $50- $1000 for single emails and much more for batches of emails?

See an example below. (I got this image from a webpage online)

email cost

But for just 188 cents per email, you can own these “profit making” emails at a special (giveaway) discount price.

So at 188 cents per email, these 25 emails equals (25 times 188) $47. (I'll explain why it's sold at this discount price)

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Why Am I Selling Them This Cheap?

You’re likely wondering…

“If you email are so good and can pull in sales, why sell them so cheap?’

It’s a good question.

I have 2 reasons for doing this.

Firstly…I Want To Over Deliver.


If I wanted to price these emails at $15 or $50 per email , I would. And you would've paid $375  or $1250 for the package.And at that price it would've still been a GREAT bargain.

So $47 is a (giveaway) discount price.

I am selling it at this discount price because my intention is to OVER DELIVER so that you BUY more emails from me.

Secondly so you can see results and get me to write emails for you in any other niche you like.

Order Now And Get These 3 Special Bonuses

Bonus 1

Subject Line Magic

This short audio mp3 reveals 7 ways to generate subject lines that forces subscribers to open your emails and buy whatever you sell.

Bonus 2

How To Make Any Email 10 Times More Persuasive And Profitable… in 3 Steps

This short 10 minute audio recording reveals a simple 3 step process that transforms any email to become 10 times persuasive and profitable.

The 3 steps are simple to do and do not require any unique skill. This simple bonus will make add more money to your bottom line.  It’s all yours when you order.

Bonus 3

The Ultimate Email Copywriting Resource

You’ll have instant access to 17 of the best FREE resources on email marketing. It includes audio trainings, videos and articles by A- List copywriting and other experts. You’ll discover how to produce “staggering” increase in your profits and sales using email marketing.

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These Emails Will Save Your Time

As you can see, owning 25 prewritten emails is a time saver. Think about it, if you were to write all these emails yourself and say…you spend ….30 minutes- 2 hour per email.

That would be 10 – 50 hours.

So having these ready emails is a time saver.

All you do is open a category. Open an email or 2. Edit some words, add your name and link. Then click send.

And you use it as broadcast emails to promote different offers. If you have it setup in your autoresponder, anyone who joins your list will read email.

Imagine how much money you’ll make if 1000, 2000, 5000, or 10000 people join your list….and  read these 25 “tested and proven emails” … written to make MAXIMUM SALES.

But you need to own this asset to get these results. So take action and ORDER NOW.

Don’t Delay. Your Decision Can Bring 2 Outcomes.

Outcome 1

You ignore this offer. You close this page and go back to struggling to write emails that don't convert. Go back to low sales and profit. At the end you become frustrated with your email marketing results. or...

Outcome 2

Order this special discount offer and instantly get access to 25 powerful emails guaranteed to pull in sales. As you load these emails and starting sending them you see result. You become happy with your increased sales and income.

You finally eliminate the frustration most marketers have with email marketing. 

And all you invested is $1.88 per email.

Complete Your Order And Increase Your Sales Today


And I Want To Make This Offer Totally Risk Free. So This Offer Comes With A…

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Meaning try these emails for 60 days, if it doesn’t increase your sales and profit…or you’re unsatisfied with the emails, please ask for your money back.

You’ll get your money back. In fact, try 2 or 3 email then see the reaction.

If you’re not happy with your results, ask for your money back. So just try these emails for 60 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.              What Niches Does Your Emails Work For?

These emails cover only topics in internet marketing. If you want emails written for other niches, you can contact me directly.

2.              If Many People Buy These Emails, Won’t It Be Saturated?

 Not really. You see , when you edit an email or add your ideas or combined 2 or 3 of these emails to create new ones, it will work as brand new.

It won’t hurt sales.

Infact , even if they same emails are used by more than one person, it won't hurt sales.
Why? Because you're not likely to have the same people on your list. 
And even if that happens, your sales will be hurt.

So You Have Nothing To Worry About.

Order Now To Get Save Time, Double Sales And 
Make More Profits In Your Business

Mk Akan

PS- Remember you’ll get my top 25 “tested and proven emails” written for the internet marketing niche…guaranteed to double your sales and profits”.

PPS- You’ll get 3 special bonuses when you order right now.

PPPS- The special discount price will expire any day and will increase so order this as quick so you don’t lose out.

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